Western Separation or Independence? 

11 hours ago

I don’t think any province has the right to be telling another province what to do. So why the hell does Canada continue to support a corrupted federal government having a tea party with Ontario & Quebec. Its a bullshit system to begin with! The federal government should be eliminated in Canada. Further more the Federal Government should not be ruling the provinces either.

11 hours ago

Lets see what "THE PEOPLE" of Western Canada say? Should Canada remain wholesome 10 provinces, 3 territories, however just completely abolish the Federal Government so all provinces & Territories must be forced to work together while acting independently.

22 hours ago

Lets see what "THE PEOPLE" of Western Canada say? Simply Eliminate the Federal Government and form Provincial Independence in Western Canada?

1 day ago

Lets see what "THE PEOPLE" of Western Canada say? I don’t want western Independence or Separation

1 day ago

Lets see what "THE PEOPLE" of Canada say? Complete Western Independence? Complete Western Separation?

1 day ago

I would like to take the time to tell all Vote Canada page users that “YOU ROCK!” I’m so thankful to have a page of real people and no trolls and drama! I really appreciate you all! Everyone here is heard! Sometimes slow and steady wins the race, sometimes less is more! Sometimes quality over quantity prevails.

1 day ago
Home - Vote Canada

The new coming website is so much more then what is actually visible at the moment. I’ve been working on it for months behind the scenes. The main focus is to include and listen to Western Canadians. I’m getting close to launching it’s new format. Sorry for the hold up, we need to “Get it right the first time!”

1 day ago
Kim Campbell on Wexit, climate change and the Conservatives’ election loss

Campbell said politicians have to have respectful “adult conversation” about difficult issues like western alienation, climate change and equalization payments.

1 day ago
32 arrested in India after allegedly posing as Canadian officials in call centre fraud

Seriously about time!

Police in Delhi alleged the scheme had been targeting Canadians by claiming their SINs were compromised.

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