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5 hours ago

Lets see what "THE PEOPLE" of Canada say?

Bill C-6 An Act to amend the Citizenship Act and to make consequential amendments to another Act. Progress = (Royal Assent)

Please read the "Text of the Bill Link" before voting @

5 hours ago

I urge every single Canadian to look at this page link. Read it, study it and watch it like its daily news!

LEGISinfo is an essential research tool for finding information on legislation before Parliament. This tool provides electronic access to a wide range of information about individual bills... (more)

11 hours ago
Gen. Vance receives a raise – Trudeau recommended increase to upper limit of $306,500

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has recommended a wage increase for Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. John Vance, boosting his salary’s upper limit to $306,500.The raise is retroactive to April 1…

13 hours ago

Lets see what "THE PEOPLE" of Canada say? Do you support the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project? #transmountainpipelinepoll

Please Like, share, & comment.

14 hours ago

Lets see what "THE PEOPLE" of Canada say? Would you re-elect our current "Federal Liberal Government?"

14 hours ago

Lets see what "THE PEOPLE" of Canada say? Should the Government of Canada do more to provide Canadians with more affordable, accessible, off the grid clean energy solutions for our homes? Products such as solar panels & micro wind turbines?

1 day ago

When I started this page, it was unknown that I could set Country restrictions. There are a small number of people the came in from other countries in the beginning, but they can no longer see or access this page, countries outside Canada have now been blocked. Should Justin Trudeau show us his page location likes? How much you want to bet Canada isn’t #1. How much you want to bet it’s not even close!

1 day ago
74-year-old woman pushed to ground by police outside Trudeau-attended fundraiser

Have a look at this video.

A 74-year-old woman was knocked to the ground by a Vancouver police officer during an anti-pipeline protest outside a Liberal Party fundraiser attended by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

1 day ago

I wonder if Trudeau submits & writes the stuff he wants these people “not living in Canada” to post on his page. Like is he paying for bots? Further more how is that not illegal?

1 day ago
‘No right to do that to us’: Indigenous protester interrupts Trudeau speech in Vancouver

The big question is coming, I just want to make sure I get it right the first time. It may take a process of a few different styles to get the whole and full answer.

"I heard you. I hear you today, I understand your concerns," Trudeau replied.

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