March 9th, 2015 – Social Media Highlights

dgardner tweeted: The best comment about #cdnpoli you will read all day is a letter in the Globe.
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KikkiPlanet tweeted: Breaking News: Millionaire Premier won’t raise taxes on millionaires, blames poor people for bad management by millionaire. #ableg #cdnpoli
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PatOndabak tweeted: Oops! Awkward. No wonder Stephen Harper won’t define “terror” #C51 #cdnpoli
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JustinTrudeau tweeted: Canadians are tired of politics based on fear & division. #LPC is offering an inclusive vision for Canada. #CdnPoli
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stephenlautens tweeted: Only the Conservatives could believe ZB was part of a vast conspiracy but Robocalls was the work of a single junior staffer. #cdnpoli
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HarrisAuthor tweeted: A soldier dies, inquiry next day. Thousands of native women missing or murdered, nothing. #cdnpoli
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MargaretAtwood tweeted: Why fresh water shortages will cause the next great global crisis #water #cdnpoli
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stephenlautens tweeted: Harper’s new “get tough” law is nothing more than vulgar politics in search of a problem. #cdnpoli
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RobertFife tweeted: Justin Trudeau said Feb 28 about slain Russian opp leader: “Mr Nemtsov and I met in Ottawa just a few months ago.” He wasn’t here? #cdnpoli
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JimHarris tweeted: Canada One of Worst of OECD Countries for Women’s Wage Gap #IWD2015 #cdnpoli #iwd #iwd15
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MikeHudema tweeted: 55 Powerful Photos Of #Women Who Changed History Forever… #iwd2015 #iwd #cdnpoli
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NDP_HQ tweeted: Demand Stephen Harper take action to end violence against women:… #cdnpoli #NDP #IWD #VAW
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stephenlautens tweeted: Harper condemns the niqab as demeaning to women. No word yet on cat ears. #cdnpoli
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stephenlautens tweeted: 1% offend while on day parole or full parole. Send $15 to help us ruin lives needlessly…. #cdnpoli
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RobertFife tweeted: Trudeau said he & Nemtsov ” discussed his unwavering & passionate desire for a free & prosperous Russia.” But Nemtsov was not here? #cdnpoli
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TheCurrentCBC tweeted: Francois Lavigne, former CSIS agent, says Bill C-51 is unnecessary and dangerous. #cdnpoli
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MikeHudema tweeted: BAM! #Obama calls #Canada #tarsands extraction process ‘extraordinarily dirty’ #cdnpoli #NoKXL
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stephenlautens tweeted: Harper Conservatives unveil (if you pardon the expression) their election logo. #cdnpoli
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jenditchburn tweeted: Peter MacKay in 2001 on perils of giving govts too much discretionary power (terror legislation). #cdnpoli
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RobertFife tweeted: Lib party says staffer confused Trudeau meeting fmr PM Mikhail Kasyanov for Nemtsov. Trudeau statement removed from Lib website. #cdnpoli
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