March 23th, 2015 – Social Media Highlights

pmharper tweeted: Canada will never recognize the Putin regime’s annexation of Crimea. My full ST:… #cdnpoli #Ukraine
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JustinTrudeau tweeted: .@LarryMillerMP’s disgraceful comments yesterday are just another example of @pmharper’s politics of fear and division. #CPC #CdnPoli
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MeanwhileinCana tweeted: Canadians are natural peacekeepers. We used to be #1, now we’re 62nd. Retweet if you want our country back! #CdnPoli
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JimHarris tweeted: Tar Sands Ops: 4 BILLION Litres of Contaminated Water a Year Into Alberta Rivers #WorldWaterDay #cdnpoli #WaterIs
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TorontoStar tweeted: We should be scared of the Conservatives, not terrorists, writes @HaroonSiddiqui. #CDNpoli
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TorontoStar tweeted: Today’s editorial cartoon by Patrick Corrigan: Harper gets Cheney playbook #cdnpoli
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stephenlautens tweeted: For all the bigots who fear & hate newcomers and their strange ways, Happy St Patrick’s Day. #cdnpoli
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VanCourierNews tweeted: The latest Geoff Olson cartoon #cdnpoli #dresscodePM
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JimHarris tweeted: Canada Has More Lakes Than Rest of World Combined; So Harper #CPC Removed 90% From Protection #WorldWaterDay #Cdnpoli
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JimHarris tweeted: Canadian Bar Assoc Denounces Harper’s Bill C-51. Violates Cdn Charter of Rights #cdnpoli #c51
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ElizabethMay tweeted: Beyond dirty politics: Harperism threatens democracy itself |… #GPC #cdnpoli
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PatOndabak tweeted: Think Harper couldn’t sink any lower? He just terminated jobs of mentally handicapped people to save &125K… #cdnpoli
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CBCAlerts tweeted: #CRTC caps cost of basic cable package at $25 a month, allows consumers to add and pay for only the channels they want. #cdnpoli #cdnecon
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stephenlautens tweeted: Harper MP & deep thinker tells Muslim women to “stay the hell where you came from”… #cdnpoli
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stephenlautens tweeted: Larry Miller promises he’ll leave immigration issues & go back to his expertise in constitutional law. #cdnpoli
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leadnowca tweeted: Canadian Bar Association condemns Harper’s anti-terror bill – #RejectFear #StopC51 #cdnpoli
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stephenlautens tweeted: Would this be a good time to remind everyone that Larry Miller’s MP pension is worth $1.46 million? #cdnpoli
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JustinTrudeau tweeted: Since 2012, #CPC has cut @CanRevAgency’s annual budget by more than $314 million. Backlogged complaints number over 35,000. #CdnPoli
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pdmcleod tweeted: So a woman just took her top off and started yelling about C-51… in the House of Commons chamber. #cdnpoli
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CanadianGreens tweeted: .@ElizabethMay: voted one of CA’s top influencers by Reader’s Digest! #cdnpoli