Western Separation or Independence? 

2 days ago
Find Out How This Canadian City Has Eliminated Homelessness

No one goes homeless for more than 10 days in Medicine Hat, Alberta – the city puts people in housing first–then addresses how they became homeless.

2 days ago

Lets see what "THE PEOPLE" of Canada say? Let’s try asking this differently. Brett has been offering his say in political situations more & more these days. That said, Who would be better off to lead the Conservative Party of Canada in the next election, when the Liberal minority government soon falls from a non confidence motion. Canadian businessman & Dragons Den star “Brett Willson? Or Andrew Scheer?

3 days ago

Lets see what "THE PEOPLE" of Canada say? Who wishes that “Brett Wilson” would volunteer to run & take over Conservative Party of Canada leadership?

3 days ago
Alberta Legislature adjourned after apparent suicide on front steps

Justin Trudeau this is all on you!

Police tape cordoned off the front steps of the legislature following the shooting, which police deemed 'non-criminal.'

3 days ago

🤢 sickening 🤮

3 days ago

This is the way it should be! Get rid of the useless federal government!

Premier Ford meets with Canada's provincial and territorial leaders at the Council of the Federation meeting.

3 days ago

Scrap the feds! We don’t need them!

Thank you to Canada's Premiers for coming together for a successful Council of the Federation meeting, where we agreed on priorities for a First Ministers meeting that we invite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to hold early in the new year.

We are ready to build a constructive partnership with the federal government to grow our economy, create jobs, and address regional disparities. Our priorities:

🔹Economic Competitiveness
🔹Fiscal Stabilization Program
🔹Healthcare and Infrastructure
🔹Northern Priorities

3 days ago
True North

Been saying this the whole time! Independence over separation. Plus the countless polls done on this page also tells the truth. Not like narcissistic Peter Downing doing what he wants not listening to anyone but his big ego! Brett Wilson has way more intelligence the Peter Downing could ever dream of! If Brett ever ran for PM he would win by a landslide!

Canada is more divided than ever, and many Canadians are rightfully concerned with the direction of the country.

Brett Wilson says this is entirely one person’s fault – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. According to Wilson, Trudeau has torn apart confederation.

True North’s Candice Malcolm catches up with businessman and Dragons’ Den star Brett Wilson.

3 days ago
#VoCo. Adobe Audio Manipulator Sneak Peak with Jordan Peele | Adobe Creative Cloud

Visit Adobe Creative Cloud for more information: #VoCo is an audio manipulator that allows you to change words in a ...

3 days ago
Deepfakes - Real Consequences

This is a great watch if you really want to learn about this malicious technology. Sometimes I bet people wish we could just go back to the 90’s.

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