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4 days ago
14 Co-op picketers charged with mischief, Unifor escalates boycott

Its a.......Good to hear, Good day!

The Regina Police Service says fourteen Unifor picketers were arrested and charged with mischief on Monday night.

4 days ago
Unifor president arrested on picket line at Co-op refinery

Things got a lot more heated on the picket line at the Co-op refinery Monday night as police arrested several ...

4 days ago
Is Trudeau son of Fidel Castro?

Awesome vid!

Watch the video and decide yourself. We want a DNA test to prove Justin Trudeau lied to Canadians about his origins. Is he afraid to go on the Maury's show?

4 days ago

If it gets any more corrupted we may find ourselves face to face with one of these. Liberals Finance Minister Bill Morneau.

4 days ago

There seemed to be a suggested interest with Canadians about having no people on new Canadian money in general. So lets poll it. Thats what we do here on Vote Canada.

Lets see what "THE PEOPLE" of Canada say? Should Royals and people in general be phased out of all newly designed Legal Tender in Canada and replaced with nature, landmarks, national parks or even more wildlife?

4 days ago

I feel if we ran different 100 polls up against him, Terry Fox would win them all. Undoubtedly the true no brainer fit for the new bill.

5 days ago
The UN thinks pipelines are racist…somehow

A United Nations committee devoted to fighting racism is urging Canada to spike three pipeline projects, arguing that Indigenous communities have not been ad...

5 days ago

Lets see what "THE PEOPLE" of Canada say? All carbon tax revenues should be reported to the Canadian public on a 30 day reporting period. Also a complete breakdown of what this money is being specifically used for, along with the existing balance of any & all unused funds.

5 days ago

Round 2: Lets see what "THE PEOPLE" of Canada say? Who’s face would you rather see on the new 5 dollar bill? Terry Fox? Or Gord Downie?

5 days ago
How Is Queen Elizabeth II Related to Queen Elizabeth I?

Interesting that when reading into this stuff, it’s no longer as was once generally perceived.

When the current queen succeeded her father to the throne, she took the name of Queen Elizabeth II. But who was the first Queen Elizabeth? And how is Queen Elizabeth II related to Queen Elizabeth I?

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